We provide Best Value for Money Sales and Services according to Well Proven Engineering Norms and Practices

Electric Motors and Generators

New or Totally Overhauled, from stock or custom designs. Synchronous, Asynchronous, Squirel Cage, Slip ring, Schragge, DC, Permanent Magnet etc. Of any power rating and for any application

Coils for Stators and Rotors

Coils for the repair of Motors and Generators. Insulating material (wedges, sub-wedges, varnishes, winding wires, copper /aluminium bars

Slip Rings, Collectors and Spare Parts

Spare Parts for Motors and Generators Stator Core Magnetic lamination, Insulators, Slip rings, Collectors

Electric Protections

Basler Electric Protections for electric Networks

Excitation Systems and Automatic Voltage Regulators

Voltage Regulation and Static Excitation systems

Medium Voltage Soft Starters

Soft Start and Soft Stop Panels for Medium Voltage motors, for Fan Pump applications etc.

Portable Vibration Analyzers and Data Loggers

The Best Value for Money Data Collector and FFT analyzer, with many application add on: Balancing On Site, Run Up and Coast Down, Recorder, Operational Deflection Shape Analysis Up to 16 sensors, Expert System Software DREAMfW(R)

Permanently Installed Vibration and Process Monitors

PCH ENGINEERING On Line and stand alone Data Loggers and Smart Sensors for all kind of Rotating Machines Applications

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